The Atlantic League is an American treasure displaying an alternative side of baseball and of the timeless human story that baseball tells. Yet, beyond the league’s website, there is no single source for Atlantic League news, analysis, and stories. As an avid fan of baseball with a history of working in the Minor Leagues, I’ve decided to create a new Atlantic League focused media outlet. ALPB Roundup will shine a light on the finest independent baseball in America.

ALPB Roundup is beginning early in the offseason, and with its debut, we will first take time to look at the 2019 season in review for each club. Throughout the offseason, we will keep the site up-to-date with offseason news, evaluations of roster construction, and 2020 team previews as spring training begins. During the season, we’ll be providing in-depth Atlantic League news and analysis, as well as stories featuring the players, personnel, organizations, and fans that make the Atlantic League unique.