Roster Roundup

Roster Roundup: 1/14/2020

The Freedom Division and Liberty Division Champions are both adding to their 2020 rosters.

Long Island SignS LHP David Roseboom

The Long Island Ducks began shoring up their 2020 rotation today with the signing of left-hander David Roseboom. Long Island agreed to terms with Roseboom after picking him in the 1st round of the New Britain Bees dispersal draft. A Pattersonville, New York native, Roseboom spent 6 seasons in the Mets farm system posting a 2.93 ERA and 1.136 WHIP in just under 120 double-A innings. Unfortunately, 3 stints in triple-A totaled only 22 innings in which Roseboom surrendered 28 earned runs.

David battled injury during the 2017 campaign and wasn’t the same in 2018 and 2019. Batters were pulling over 7.5% more batted balls off of Roseboom’s pitching than they were pre-injury. Opponents’ BABIP rose from .203 to nearly .290. Both stats indicate that, even as his double-A ERA stayed well below 3.00, Roseboom’s pitching was being hit squarely. Upon being called up to triple-A, he paid for it mightily.

Roseboom pitching for the Bees in 2019. According the J.D. Hammer Rule of Pitchers With Glasses, Roseboom should be regarded as a good signing.

Roseboom seemed to find himself again after joining the Bees last July. By September, Roseboom was striking out fewer batters but still posting his best numbers of the season. Over 22 and 2/3 September innings, Roseboom held batters to a stingy .235 SLG (with the league average hovering right around .400). In other words, David wasn’t missing bats, but he was missing barrels.

Long Island would be glad to have a solid arm to hold opponents to .250/.335/.350-type numbers every 5th day. Roseboom’s plus-side potential could see an improvement in these numbers. In 2016, 87.2% of batters who reached base against him were stranded and the weak contact ALPB batters made against him in late-2019 is promising for 2020. However, the lack of strikeouts late in the season could spell trouble if ALPB batters can find solid contact against Roseboom throughout his age-28 season.

A 30th Birthday Present for Albert Cordero

Another former Mets prospect, Albert Cordero, celebrated his 30th birthday by re-signing with Sugar Land. The veteran catcher and corner-infielder is entering his 5th season with the Skeeters after 2018 and 2019 were two of the Venezuela-native’s best.

Albert Cordero with Sugar Land in 2019.

Cordero’s consistent production since joining the Skeeters has shown no noticeable signs of decline. Barring injury, 86% of the range for Cordero’s 2020 batting average projections falls between .266 and .270. Thanks to his ability to play multiple positions, Cordero will likely play over 100 of 126 games in 2020. While he may not be a flashy addition to the roster, Sugar Land knows that Cordero will be vital as they aim to return to the ALPB Championship Series.

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