Roster Roundup

Roster Roundup: 2/11/2020

High Point is busy putting pieces into place, while the Barnstormers manage to keep Michael Martinez in Lancaster for 2020.

Barnstormers secure Martinez for another Season in Lancaster

Michael Martinez

Lancaster has re-signed switch-hitting shortstop, Michael Martinez, for his 2nd ALPB season. The MLB veteran slashed .252/.297/.366 for the Barnstormers in 2019 while supplying one of the best defensive seasons of any Atlantic League shortstop. Approaching his age-37 season, Martinez is beginning to slow down by a measurable amount. However, it’s hard to argue against Lancaster bringing Martinez back to anchor their middle infield as they look to return to the playoffs for the first time since 2018.

Projections: 310 PA, 33 Runs Created, .685 OPS, 1.7 WAR (MLB Equiv. David Bote)

High-end Projections: 335 PA, 39 Runs Created, .715 OPS, 2.2 WAR

Low-end Projections: 245 PA, 24 Runs Created, .660 OPS, 1.1 WAR

Latimore and Levy ready to rock in 2020

Quincy Latimore

Quincy Latimore will be returning to the High Point Rockers for his second ALPB season. In 111 games in 2019, Latimore slashed .264/.346/.485, hitting 21 home runs, and walking more than half as often as he struck out (46 BBs to 88 Ks). Latimore is expected to start in left field for the Rockers in 2020 and projects to have a possible All-Star Game appearance coming his way.

Projections: 460 PA, 63 Runs Created, .795 OPS, 3.2 WAR (MLB Equiv. Max Kepler)

High-end Projections: 525 PA, 73 Runs Created, .805 OPS, 3.8 WAR

Low-end Projections: 420 PA, 50 Runs Created, .748 OPS, 2.3 WAR

Stuart Levy

The High Point Rockers have signed Stuart Levy, a catcher that has played in the Baltimore Orioles organization since being drafted out of Arkansas State in 2015. Topping out offensively with a .244/.328/.333 in 2017 (between Class-A and High Class-A), Stuart projects to fit into a backup/part-time catcher role with the Rockers.

Projections: 205 PA, 14 Runs Created, .600 OPS, .4 WAR (MLB Equiv. Manny Pina)

High-end Projections: 245 PA, 20 Runs Created, .639 OPS, .9 WAR

Low-end Projections: 170 PA, 12 Runs Created, .581 OPS, .2 WAR

Michael Martinez returns to the Barnstormers lineup in 2020, while High Point continues to put pieces in place.

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