Introducing the Atlantic League Dream Bracket

15 all-time ALPB teams.
375 all-time great seasons.
7 days of games.
It just got real (sort of).

The announcement of the MLB Dream Bracket using Out Of The Park Baseball 21 got ALPB Roundup thinking, “What would this look like for the Atlantic League?”. Well, ALPB Roundup has done some work and next week we will begin the Atlantic League Dream Bracket!

So what is this “Dream Bracket”? It’s simple. We construct 25-man rosters for each Atlantic League team using the best single season performances at each position. Using the 15 Atlantic League franchises since 1998 (combining the Black Diamonds & Road Warriors), we have formed three 5-team divisions. Inside OOTP 21, each team will play three home games and three away games against each team in their division, as well as one home game and one away game against every team outside of their division, for a total of 44 games per team. The three division winners and two wild card teams will advance to the playoffs, with the two wild card teams participating in a MLB-style single-elimination game in order to play the top seeded division winner.

ALPB Roundup will be radio-silent while traveling this weekend, but we have the top seeded teams to announce (with teams seeded based on projected all-time rosters) and the first all-time roster to wet your beak before the weekend. Let the March May Madness begin!

For our first all-time roster announcement we’ve reached back to our old friends, the Atlantic City Surf, featuring the likes of Linc Mikkelson, Emison Soto, Hector Villanueve, Chris Eddy, and current Sugar Land manager Pete Invaviglia. The Surf drew the #7 seed, placing them in the division of the top seeded Somerset Patriots.

Check back next week as we unveil seeding and rosters Monday through Thursday and complete each team’s 44-game schedule Friday through Monday.

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