Dream Bracket Roundup

Rosters and Division names have been revealed and the Atlantic League Dream Bracket is coming together!

*This post has been updated on 5/20 to include seeding and rosters for the Bud Harrelson Division. See bottom of article.*

On Monday, our Atlantic League Dream Bracket (introduced last week) began its full roll-out. The Sparky Lyle Division was fully unveiled featuring the bracket’s top-seeded Somerset Patriots, the 6th seed York Revolution, the 7th seed Atlantic City Surf, the 12th seed Nashua Pride, and the 13th seed New Britain Bees.

As a reminder, the tournament will be simulated with Out Of The Park Baseball 21. Five teams will qualify for playoff rounds after playing three home games and three away games against divisional opponent as well as one home game and one away game against all other all-time teams.

Take a look below for the bracket up to this point and rosters for the Sparky Lyle Division!

#1 seed All-time Somerset Patriots
#6 seed All-time York Revolution
#7 seed All-time Atlantic City Surf
#12 seed All-time Nashua Pride
#13 seed All-time New Britain Bees

5/20 Update: Check out seeding and rosters for the Bud Harrelson Division below…

2nd seed All-time Long Island Ducks
#5 seed All-time Bridgeport Bluefish
#8 seed All-time High Point Rockers aka the 2019 High Point Rockers
#11 seed All-time Newark Bears
#14 seed All-time Black Diamonds/Road Warriors

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