So. Now what?

These are most uncommon times, but the Atlantic League is an uncommon league. It’s only fair that fans of the league should receive coverage that is so much more than common.

There will be no Atlantic League baseball in 2020. Which, we would posit, sucks. In fact, according to ALPB Roundup’s analytics, it turns out that having no baseball is significantly worse than having baseball. Further, it’s a tough time for this to happen for a site that was geared-up for its first season of Atlantic League coverage. However, ALPB Roundup is determined to hang in there and stay busy until 2021. So what should you expect to see from us?

ALPB Roundup has been scheming during this pandemic and the lack of a 2020 season will give us an opportunity to indulge some of these schemes. In no particular order, here are some projects we are looking forward to, and we sure hope you are too:

  • Ongoing updates regarding the 2021 season and roster building.
  • Stat-tracking: This break allows us to begin construction on a part of the site that wasn’t going to be ready to go this season. ALPB Roundup is in the process of collecting data and formatting it so that we can provide both live and historical stats for Atlantic League teams and players. Eventually, we plan for this to expand to include advanced stats such as pitch selection, pitch location, swing stats, batter/pitcher head-to-head records, playoff odds, and enhanced projections.
  • Video content: Along with articles to keep readers up-to-date on what’s going on around the league, we are aiming to team up with one or more clubs to chronicle their return to baseball as 2021 approaches. Video content on the Road Warriors, Gastonia, and ALPB history are at the top of the list for future content. Player and personnel interviews will also be a focal point for ALPB Roundup moving forward.
  • Advocacy: ALPB Roundup wants to accomplish the items listed above and much more. But frankly, none of that is worth a damn if we are not supporting those people who make the Atlantic League all that it is. The recent struggles being confronted by non-MLB players, organizations, and leagues, as well as the communities that host these teams has shined a light upon the regular hardships endured by thousands of people for their love of baseball. These hardships range from ordinary difficulties resulting from a competitive industry to intentionally-placed hurdles that inhibit the success of players, teams, and communities. ALPB Roundup will prioritize stories of those Atlantic League fans, players, staff, and pioneers who bring baseball to local communities and keep the dream alive for countless ballplayers. All the while, promoting Atlantic League players for all of the things that make them valuable to MLB organizations.

As ALPB Roundup re-groups, we may pause briefly to design a new content plan. In the coming weeks and months, you can expect consistent coverage from us at irregular intervals. Simply put, we will report and analyze Atlantic League news as it happens and publish content of varying sizes whenever those projects are completed.

These are most uncommon times, but the Atlantic League is a most uncommon league. It’s only right that fans of the league receive coverage that is so much more than common.

See you all soon at OUR Atlantic League ballparks. –Ryan

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