ALPB Roundup’s All-Time Top 100

ALPB Roundup is counting down to Opening Day with our Top 100 Atlantic League Players of All-time!

With just 100 days standing between us and the scheduled start of the 2021 Atlantic League season, ALPB Roundup thought we’d do our part to set the mood for Opening Day by counting down our top 100 Atlantic League players of all-time day-by-day! Check back here, as well as on ALPB Roundup’s Twitter and Instagram, for daily memories and stat-blasts as we count our way down to first pitch on May 28th!

Before we get to who is #100 on our list, it should be said that a list like this isn’t easy to put together and if you find yourself disagreeing with any of our choices, it’s about as likely that we agree with you as it is that we agree with our own rankings. The issue lies in no two Atlantic League careers being the same. How do you compare a second baseman with a 135 OPS+ in 2 seasons, a left fielder who accumulated healthy stats over 8 seasons of solid play, and a starting pitcher who dominated the league for 2 months before going onto an MLB organization? We really can’t. Well…we *can*, and actually, we are. However, there’s a good bit of objectivity that is required to pull it off. We promise to do our best to explain our reasoning on each selection to the top 100, as long as you promise not to get mad if one player is ranked above another based on their hairstyles.

So, let’s get on to the countdown…

#100 – Jonathan Galvez

Bridgeport (2015-’17)

New Britain (2018-’19)


Jonathan Galvez has spent his past 4 full seasons in the Atlantic League since ending his 2015 campaign with a 12-game stint in Bridgeport. It’s unclear whether Galvez will continue his Atlantic League career now that New Britain is no longer a member of the league, but his signing with Southern Maryland in 2020 indicates he will. Regardless, he’s already done enough to make our top 100 list.

A 5-year career in the Atlantic League is uncommon, and Jonathan has made the most of his time. Jonathan’s career .286/.355/.465, 119 OPS+, and his 3 All-Star selections are enough to earn him the #100 spot on this all-time list. Galvez has posted 13.7 career WAR while acting in a utility role during the past 5 seasons and we hope to see him return to continue climbing this list in 2021! Later on in our countdown, we will take time for an honorable mention of sorts to look at players whose careers nearly earned them this final spot in the top 100.

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