All-Time Top 100 – #95

David Vidal made his reputation when it mattered most for the Patriots. It’s also how he made the #95 spot on our Top 100.

#95 – David Vidal

Somerset (2015 – ’17)


David Vidal barely made it onto our Top 100. Then he barely made it to the top 99, the top 98, the top 97, and the top 96, before landing at spot #95. Simply put, the more we looked at David Vidal’s career, the more we liked it! Vidal posted a .282/.363/.491 with 39 home runs in his 214 Atlantic League games. Altogether, he totaled 141 runs created, a 138 OPS+, and 5.2 WAR.

In 2015, David wrapped up a solid first Atlantic League season by hitting .297 with a home run and 7 RBI in the playoffs on the way to Somerset’s 6th league championship. Vidal’s 26 HR in 2016 landed him at #2 in the league, despite playing only 85 games, but the Puerto Rico native shined brightest during the team’s playoff push. Vidal had a 20-game-on-base streak in August and a 12-game stretch that month where he hit .340 with 7 HR, 18 RBI, and 14 runs. Sometimes it’s not what you do as much as it is when you do it, and Vidal’s contributions when it mattered most put him into the #95 spot in our countdown.

ALPB Roundup All-Time Top 100 Atlantic League Players

100. Jonathan Galvez

99. Matt Craig

98. Sean Halton

97. Ryan Langerhans

96. Javier Colina

95. David Vidal

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