All-Time Top 100 – #91

The late Andy Marte played his way into our All-Time Top 100, and only needed 96 games to do it!

#91 – Andy Marte

York (2013)

Corner Infielder

Andy Marte only played 96 games in the Atlantic League for the York Revolution, but those 96 games were enough to earn him the #91 spot in our top 100. In fact, you’re only going to see 1 position player on this countdown (coincidentally, also a former-York infielder) with fewer games played in the Atlantic League. Impressively, Marte came into the 2013 season with York after a brutal 2011 season in the Pittsburgh Pirates’ organization that left him unable to find a team in 2012.

Now, I won’t presume to know how someone feels, but it would *seem* that Marte felt some type of way about getting left unemployed in 2012. I mean, this man slugged .526, his best mark since his 2009 season, and earned a contract from the Angels before dominating the PCL with their triple-A affiliate. Marte left the Atlantic League with a .301/.367/.526 slash, 19 homers (HR per 19.4 AB vs league avg. 43.2 AB), and 74 RBI. In those 96 games before, he racked up 72 runs created, 3.7 WAR, and a 139 OPS+. Marte’s time in the league was brief, but his on-field performance and contributions to the York locker room make him a no-doubt member of our Top 100.

Sadly, Andy Marte passed away in a 2017 car accident in the Dominican Republic. He is survived by his 4 sons and, for those who frequented Sovereign Bank Stadium in 2013, memories of his great play and kind attitude.

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