All-Time Top 100 – #90

With 90 days until Opening Day, we’re taking a look back at Sharnol Adriana, the #90 player in our All-Time Top 100 Atlantic League Playes.

#90 – Sharnol Adriana

Newark (1999 – 2001)


Well, we have another player who was difficult to track down photos for. Sharnol Adriana played a full season with the Newark Bears and dropped back into Newark for 5 games in 2000 and 18 games in 2001 in the midst of his 14-season Mexican League career. Nothing noteworthy happened in those final two runs with the Bears, but he was tremendous in 1999, being named an Atlantic League All-Star, finishing 2nd in the league in batting average, and 3rd in total bases. Sharnol played all 119 games for the Bears and slashed .334/.420/.518 with 16 home runs, good for a 140 OPS+, 89 runs created, and 6.8 WAR.

Newark had a bad year in 1999, finishing 4th out of 6 in a season that included the Lehigh Valley Black Diamonds. However, Sharnol was a standout in the Bears’ lineup, with no other Newark batter posting above a 125 OPS+ or a 3.5 WAR. Sharnol Adriana moved on to have a successful professional career that spanned another 15 years until his retirement after the 2014 season at the age of 43. Only 3 of his 23 professional seasons saw Sharnol in a Newark uniform, but his play in the Atlantic League was enough to earn him the #90 spot in our All-Time Top 100.

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