ALPB Top 100 – #86

We have 86 days until Opening Day and we have our #86 player in our All-Time Top 100. Indy ball legend, Jesse Hoorelbeke!

Jesse Hoorelbeke has grabbed the # 86 spot in our All-Time Top 100 Atlantic League Players on the strength of 4 seasons where he accumulated 1 co-Player of the Year Award, 3 All-Star selections, 94 home runs, 247 RBI, 353 runs created, and 13.1 WAR between the Bluefish and Patriots. With a career .290/.379/.526 slash, Hoorelbeke was not only very good but also very consistent. In his 3-year stint with Bridgeport, Hoorelbeke never finished worse than 4th in the league in home runs, while leading the league in homers (33), slugging (.586), and OPS (.982) in 2007.

The man who would become the career leader in independent league home runs (165; 104 of which were in the ALPB) finished his time in Bridgeport after 2009 with a 132 OPS+, only to come back to the league in 2012 for another 100 games in Somerset. Even after 3 years in other leagues, Hoorelbeke stayed consistent, posting an impressive 134 OPS+. After that age-34 season in Somerset, Hoorelbeke finally called it a career. The 6’2″ 260(ish) indy ball legend walked away with records, trophies, and the #86 spot in our All-Time Top 100 Atlantic League Players.


100. Jonathan Galvez

99. Matt Craig

98. Sean Halton

97. Ryan Langerhans

96. Javier Colina

95. David Vidal

94. Emison Soto

93. Scott Grimes

92. Jose Velazquez

91. Andy Marte

90. Sharnol Adriana

89. Caleb Gindl

88. Daryl Thompson

87. Ozzie Timmons

86. Jesse Hoorelbeke

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