Roster Roundup

Series Roundup: 7/2/21

Check out the Series Roundup before packing a whole bunch of baseball into your holiday weekend!

Take a look at the Series Roundup to get all caught up on this week’s action ahead of 18(!!) games over this holiday weekend!

We have a couple quick things that weren’t edited in with the Series Roundup today. First, we have our Atlantic League Game Ball recipients along with our Player of the Week and 2021 Game Ball standings:

Additionally, there are the Show-Me Series players for this weekend. These are the guys who need to show us something in this next series because they’ve been slumping. Before doing that, let’s check on how this week’s Show-Me Series players fared.

  • Kent Blackstone found himself on the Show-Me Series list for the 2nd consecutive series (4 for his last 28 with 1 BB), but got off the list in a big way this week, going 5-for-12 with 2 HR, 4 BB, and 4 RBI. That’s an on-base % over .500 for the week!
  • Edwin Espinal went 0-for-11 with 2 K this weekend and his struggles continued this week as he went 1-for-9 with 2 K. We’ll keep him on this list for another series.
  • Josh Sale found himself on the Show-Me Series list after an 0-for-12 weekend with 4 Ks. Unfortunately, he’ll be staying on the list as well after another 0-for-12 series this week. The Gastonia slugger’s average has dropped to .240.

So, who will be joining Josh Sale and Edwin Espinal on this list?

  • Mike Bolsinger looks to turn around a torturous start to his 2021 campaign. He has an 8.22 ERA and is averaging less than 4 innings per start with 19 BB compared to 20 Ks.
  • Brandon Phillips, of all people, is also in need of a Show-Me Series, the MLB legend is 1 for his last 13 with 5 Ks.

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