All-Time Top 100 – #93

With 93 days until Opening Day, let’s look at the #93 player our All-Time Top 100 and dissect one of the most impressive seasons in league history!

#93 – Scott Grimes

York (2010 – ’12)


In our All-Time Top 100, there will be guys who make the countdown based on years of consistent above-average play and there will be guys like our #93 ranked player, Scott Grimes. Scott Grimes’ 2010 season was one of the best Atlantic League campaigns of all-time. Before we fawn over that 2010 season, we’ll look at Scott’s impressive 3-year Atlantic League career with York as a whole. From 2010 through 2012, Grimes posted a .277/.387/.448 slash, with 45 HR, 225 runs created, a 116 OPS+, and 18.0 WAR in 357 games as York’s centerfielder. He led the league twice in runs and finished his career as the Revolution’s franchise leader in games played (357), runs scored (298), at-bats (1,350), hits (374), extra-base hits (128), triples (13), total bases (605), stolen bases (69), and walks (205).

Now, let’s discuss Scott Grimes’ standout 2010 season. Scott finished 2010 with a 134 OPS+, 106 runs created, and 9.1 WAR. He made Baseball America’s All-Independent Team as well mid-season and post-season Atlantic League All-Star teams, and won the Atlantic League Player of the Year Award. Grimes finished top-10 in the league in BA (.312), top-5 in OBP (.429), hits (162), total bases (261), doubles (32), extra-base hits (57), and 1st in walks (84) and hit by pitch (24). But Scott’s most impressive numbers stem from his ability to score runs. Thanks, in part, to his ability to get on base and get in scoring position, Grimes’ total of 138 runs scored led all of professional baseball in 2010 and remain a league record for runs scored and runs per game today. The look at all-time R per G and R per PA that’s shown below highlights just how impressive Scott’s 2010 run total really is.

All 4043 individual offensive seasons in Atlantic League history, charted by their single-season total RUNS SCORED and PLATE APPEARANCES. The gold dot shows Scott Grimes’ 2010 season with 138 Runs and 631 PA.
All 4043 individual offensive seasons in Atlantic League history, charted by their single season total RUNS SCORED and GAMES PLAYED. The gold dot shows Scott Grimes’ 2010 season with 138 Runs and 132 Games Played.

Scott Grimes finished that 2010 season in the most 2010 Scott Grimes way possible. That’s right, by scoring a run! Grimes crossed the plate to score the championship-clinching run in the 10th inning of Game 3 of the Atlantic League Championship Series. Scott’s next 2 seasons with York were about league average and were the last of his professional playing career, but that 2010 season will live on as one of the best of all-time and lands him on our Top 100.

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