Roster Roundup

ALPB Weekly Roundup: We have video now!

Take a look at recent roster moves in ALPB Roundup’s FIRST Weekly Roundup video!

Life is a balance. The planets in our solar system hold each other in perfect place, the ecosystem cycles and refreshes itself constantly, I sometimes skip dinner and eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard just to feel alive. You know how it goes. At ALPB Roundup, we have a new balance to strike after I’ve had a career change (in a good way!) that requires a very different schedule than the one I had when I started ALPB Roundup.

SO it’s time for a change! As was always the plan, we’ll be cranking out plenty of content moving forward, with season previews leading to Daily, Series, and Weekly Roundups throughout the Atlantic League season. HOWEVER, now we’ll be switching to a format that is mostly video (like…70% video?…if you feel the need to know…). The content will be similar, just in a format that can be watched or listened to and is faster for me to put together in my new time constraints! (Apologies for low sound/edit quality in this first video. As I said, the switch to video was a bit unexpected, so we were somewhat short on equipment and time.)

Our first video is a recap of recent signings up to, but not including, this week and we will follow-up with a new video on Monday the 4th (Happy Cinco de Cuatro!) looking at signings from this week. To stay up-to-date, follow, ALPB Roundup on Youtube, @ALPB_Roundup on Instagram, and @ALPBROUNDUP on Twitter, As always, thank you for your support of ALPB Roundup!

Check out our Weekly Roundup here:

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