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ALPB Roundup All-Stars: Pitchers

Check out the full list of the 52 ALPB Roundup All-Stars for the 1st half of the 2021 campaign!

Unfortunately, I was unable to roll out our voting results for ALPB Roundup All-Star Pitchers due to some light-construction work going on in my house. THE NERVE OF SOME PEOPLE!! However, I’ll certainly mention all of these pitchers in a roundup video this week. In the meantime, check out our complete ALPB Roundup All-Star Teams!

Thank you to the 20 media members, front office personnel, and players who made this possible and fun, and congratulations to all of the players who were voted onto these teams! As a reminder, without a game to play, these All-Stars didn’t need to be currently on an Atlantic League roster, but batters had to have at least 90 plate appearances (60 for catchers), and pitchers needed to have 5 appearances AND 12 innings pitched.


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